Gold Cinema


What is Gold Cinema?

Gold Cinema is a website specificly built for hosting Beta products or in-dev projects that require databases/php/other things that need to be ran on a server. Of course, the website could be used for beta testing or even a publicly avalable website. By using or another free domain company with your site hosted on Gold Cinema, you can easily have a professional looking site up and running. If you need less than 50 MB of storage, you can use a totally FREE account! However, for people looking to run large-scale projects, our paid plans may be better suited to you.

How does our hosting work?

When you use our hosting services, you get access to an FTP account that uploads to a specific folder on our site. You can then use an external site like to have the site under your own domain, or buy a domain from,, or any other domain register, and setup forwarding with masking to have a professional looking site without paying for hosting under 50MB of storage.

How can I use these services?

Send us an email at regarding the site you want to host, with some information about the site and how much storage you need and we will be back to you within 24 - 48 hours.